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Charting the Course
Launching Patient-Centric Healthcare

by John Nance, JD &
Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN

In this book, the authors address head-on the challenge of actually becoming a St. Michael’s-class institution by illuminating leadership’s role in changing the culture—and they do so by continuing from Why Hospitals Should Fly the personal and professional journey of Dr. Will Jenkins. His battle, and emerging wisdom born of tragedy, illuminates the norms of the current culture and illustrates why each member of every medical facility, regardless of rank, must be a leader and owner of the cultural revolution needed to keep our system viable and our patients safe.


Why Hospitals Should Fly & 
Charting the Course Set 
$45.00/$63.00 (on sale)

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Book of the Year

Best Care, Best Future
A Guide for Healthcare Leaders
by David M. Lawrence, MD

Finally there is a book for healthcare leaders that only comes along once in a generation. Dr. David Lawrence shares with the readers his vast experience in leading the largest non-profit health system in the country. He describes what a leader is: One who says, “Let’s get it done.” 
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Paperback - $25.00
Hardcover - $35.00


Book of the Year
Award Winners

If Disney Ran
Your Hospital

by Fred Lee


Why Hospitals
Should Fly

by John J. Nance, JD


Designed To Adapt
by John Kenagy, MD 


Best Care,
Best Future
by David M. Lawrence, MD