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Fred Lee


If Disney Ran Your Hospital
9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently

Fred M. Lee

Hardcover $35.00 | Paperback $25.00

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Fred Lee who will occupy a permanent place in American Healthcare’s Pantheon of Patient Loyalty, Patient Experience, and Compassion by caregivers. Fred, the best-selling author of If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently, passed away on March 26, 2017 of complications from neurosurgery due to a diagnosis of stage-4 glioblastoma.


Fred may be gone but his body of work and his TED Talks live on and continues to inspire future generations of healthcare professionals to think differently about patient experience. His legacy will live on.

Sue Kong
NHS Elect, UK

Fred was a pioneer and hugely admired thought leader. I remember taking him to a Ruth's Chris not knowing he was vegetarian at the time. He was most gracious. I had used his SHARE program in the 1980’s and will be grateful for what he SHARED with all of us. 

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., CCXP, CSP
New York Times #1 Bestselling Author, Certified Customer Experience Professional, 

Visit www.PatientLoyalty.com for Fred's Memorials or click to learn more about the book.

Improving your HCAHPS Scores
 with Patient Experience & Patient Satisfaction


If Disney Ran Your Hospital 

9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently

by Fred Lee

Hardcover $35.00
Paperback $25.00

Heroes Need Not Apply

How to Build a Patient-Accountable Culture without Putting 
More on Your Plate

by Brian Wong, MD

Hardcover $35.00
Paperback $25.00

 The Quality Playbook
& Workbook Set

A Step-by-Step Guide
for Healthcare Leaders

by John Byrnes, MD

Paperback: Now $38.00


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