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Beyond Disney: Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence

by Fred Lee & Rosemary D. Laird, MD

Fred Lee changed the discussion about the patient experience with his bestselling book If Disney Ran Your Hospital – 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently. With the release of Beyond Disney: Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence - Restoring the Art of Compassion and Empathy, Fred and co-author Dr. Rosemary Laird encourage all of us to raise the bar again.

To be Heartwired is to know and use the patient’s story to provide quality care with genuine compassion and empathy. Every patient is a person who has a story, not a “case” distinguished by a diagnosis.

Presented in easy, relatable sections.

Paperback: Sale $25.00 | Hardcover: Sale $35.00

 4-Book Executive Leadership Set
of Our ACHE Award Winners
 Excellent gift for Board Members

 Hardcover SetNow $129.50

Regular Price: $143.95 

Paperback SetNow $97.20 
Regular Price: $108.00 

Navigating the Boardroom

by Dennis D. Pointer, PhD

Faux Leather Cover: Now: $17.00

Was $20.00

Sale ends December 31, 2021

Also on Sale

 Patient Safety Set

Patient Experience

Quality Improvement

Why Hospitals 
Should Fly 
by John J. Nance, JD

Charting the Course
by John J. Nance, JD, & 

Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN

Hardcover Set - Now: $63.00 
Regular Price:$70.00

Paperback Set - Now: $50.40
Regular Price: $56.00

Prescription for Excellence
by Joseph Michelli, PhD

Hardcover - Now: $14.95
Regular Price:$28.00

Paperback - Now: $9.95
Regular Price:$22.00

The Quality Playbook 
& Workbook Set

By John Byrnes, MD

Now: $38.00
Regular Price: $42.00 

50% Off Fred Lee DVD Lecture Series
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If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently  
Fred Lee's Two Day Lecture Series on DVD

Over 8 hours, with Fred Lee himself, leading the lecture

Format: 3-DVD set of the two-day lecture based on Fred Lee’s book.

These are excellent for in-service and training of front-line employees.
All the chapters of the book are covered with the exception of Chapter 8.

DVD Regular Price: $995.00 Now: $497.50


Books at Closeout Pricing
~While Supplies Last~

Courage to Be First
 by Mark Scott & Leland Kaiser PhD

Hardcover: Now $7.00
Paperback: Now $5.00

by Charles S. Lauer

Decency, Reach for the Stars, 
and Soar with the Eagles
by Charles S. Lauer

3-Book Set: Now $10.00

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Image 1  

Soar with the Eagles
by Charles S. Lauer

Paperback: Now 5.00

   Reach for the Stars
    by Charles S. Lauer

  Paperback: Now $5.00