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ISBN: 9781936406418
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Dr. Kevin Groves' approach to succession planning encompasses not just the CEO, but the entire leadership pipeline. Winning Strategies is the culmination of his work with healthcare organizations over the past 10 years to identify evidence-based succession management & talent development practices. Much of the data comes from his Healthcare Talent Management Survey--a standard in the industry. Reinforced throughout is the imperative of presenting top leadership teams with clear, compelling evidence that talent management & succession planning capabilities are vital investments. Four case studies--Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente, HCA, and the Cleveland Clinic--illustrate why healthcare organizations must implement Groves' Talent Management Capabilities for leadership development & continuity. Written for those seeking to establish, revitalize, or asses their organization's succession management & talent development practices, Winning Strategies will undoubtedly be a valuable resource for your team.


Premise of the Book

Healthcare executives currently face a number of critical business challenges, including the ongoing transition from volume- to value-based performance metrics, the imminent wave of executive retirements, an overall lack of leadership bench strength—percentage of key leadership positions with ‘ready now’ internal candidates—in critical roles, enhanced physician alignment needs, a strong desire for greater ethnic and gender diversity in executive positions, and continuing consolidation of hospitals and health systems across the country. Given these challenges, there is strong demand for resources and best practices that present an evidence-based approach for designing and implementing a talent management system that drives key performance metrics.

A core theme reinforced throughout this book is the imperative of presenting top management teams and board members with clear and compelling evidence—business performance metrics and verifiable data—that talent development and succession management capabilities are vital investments in the current healthcare environment. Healthcare executives face numerous challenges—the emergence of accountable care organizations (ACOs) or comparable groups of physicians and hospitals providing coordinated patient care, reimbursement degradation, shrinking margins, regulatory changes, increased pressure to reduce costs, and a rapidly aging workforce—that demand new thinking and more effective strategies to demonstrate the ROI of talent management practices. As such, this book provides board members and healthcare executives with accessible, practical, and evidence-based resources and tools, namely the Talent Management Capabilities (TMC) framework, for assessing, developing, and sustaining their organization’s leadership talent pipeline.

Additionally, succession management and talent development practices must be strategically aligned and clearly positioned to tackle ongoing healthcare reform, workforce demographic changes, and the evolving business environment. With these challenges in mind, this book presents a model of best practices with clear validation data illuminating their impact on: value-based performance metrics (HCAHPS scores or patient sati, Medicare spending per beneficiary episode, etc.) reported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); traditional workforce metrics (annual turnover for nursing staff, executives, etc.), leadership development metrics (bench strength, internal/external hiring ratio for executive positions, etc.), and leadership diversity metrics (gender and ethnicity diversity of C-suite and executive positions); and the alignment of HR systems to a value-based performance environment.

Book Structure & Audiences

This book is written for those seeking to establish, revitalize, or assess their organization’s succession management and talent development practices. The content and format of the book have been designed to meet the needs of healthcare practitioners. It also provides useful content and rigorous research findings for thought leaders, academics, management consultants, executive search consultants, and other professionals who are searching for succession management and talent development best practices, and is strongly suited for master’s degree courses in human resource management as a practical resource of best practices across leading hospitals and health systems. To enhance the book’s accessibility across diverse audiences, a glossary of key terms, common acronyms, and technical language associated with succession management and talent development is provided. The following provides a brief summary of the book’s primary audiences:

  • Board members who seek greater engagement in their organization’s succession management practices, particularly those who serve in board leadership positions (chair), human resource committee positions, and/or roles that are involved in the assessment and development of leadership talent.
  • C-suite executives (CEOs, CAOs, COOs, CFOs, CHROs, CNOs, CMOs, etc.) who seek to enhance their respective organization’s talent management system to meet the myriad industry challenges and align HR systems with value-based performance metrics.
  • Human resource executives and organization development professionals (vice president of talent acquisition, director of corporate university, director of executive development programs, etc.) who are responsible for the design and execution of their organization’s talent management system.
  • Vice presidents, directors, and managers who seek to become more engaged in the design and execution of their respective organization’s talent management practices.
  • Coaches, consultants, and academics who help healthcare executives with designing and executing talent management practices, particularly the assessment and development of leadership talent.
  • Master of Health Administration (MHA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) instructors and students who are seeking a practice-oriented resource to complement their readings on human resource practices in healthcare organizations.

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About The Author

Kevin S. Groves, PhD, is president of Groves Consulting Group, LLC, and associate professor of Organizational Theory and Management at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. The consultancy supports businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies with leadership and organization development solutions, including 360-degree assessment tools, executive development program design and facilitation, succession planning systems, and high-potential identification and development practices. Supporting clients across multiple industry sectors, the firm focuses on developing evidence-based solutions that are anchored by rigorous research. A sample of healthcare clients includes St. Joseph Health System, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, HCA, SCAN Health Plan, HealthStream, Inc., Kaiser Permanente, and Sutter Health.

As an associate professor at the Graziadio School, Dr. Groves teaches a range of graduate courses including leadership competency development, organization design, and organization development and change. He primarily teaches in the Graziadio School’s full-time and part-time MBA programs at the Malibu and West Los Angeles campuses. Prior to joining the Graziadio School faculty, Dr. Groves served as an assistant professor of Management and director of the PepsiCo Leadership Center at California State University, Los Angeles. As director, he managed a $1.45 million PepsiCo Foundation grant that served the leadership development needs of students, community members, and local business leaders. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Groves worked as a management consultant in the Strategy & Organization practice at Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson).

An active leadership scholar, Dr. Groves’ research is currently focused on talent management and succession planning practices, particularly the ROI of such practices across industry sectors. He conducts national benchmarking survey studies, including the semi-annual Healthcare Talent Management Survey, intensive case studies of organizations with exemplary talent management practices, and quantitative assessments of the financial impact of talent management best practices. Dr. Groves’ research is widely published in business, leadership, and healthcare management journals, including Health Care Management Review, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Group & Organization Management, Human Resource Development Quarterly, and many others.

An active speaker, Dr. Groves regularly delivers presentations, keynote addresses, and facilitation of executive team sessions. Adopting a collaborative approach with clients, he delivers engaging presentations that integrate best practices from industry leaders, rigorous research findings, and business environment trends.

Dr. Groves holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and business administration from Eastern Washington University. He earned his master of arts (MA) and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees in organizational behavior from Claremont Graduate University.

He resides with his wife, Jill, and their daughters, Anna and Kate, in Hermosa Beach, California. 

To learn more about Kevin S. Groves and bringing him into your organization, please visit his Speaking Page.

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"Dr. Groves has done boards and executive management teams a great service with Winning Strategies. Clearly one of the most challenging responsibilities—many would say the most important responsibility for a board—is succession planning. Given the uniqueness of each situation and the importance of the issue, a cookie-cutter approach won’t do. Dr. Groves has given us some basic well-researched principles as well as real life in-depth examples of different approaches to succession planning and how they played out in organizations that are considered leaders in the field of healthcare. Readers will find this not only helpful but very interesting and will be grateful to Kevin for the extensive research and attention to detail he has brought to this project."
     Sister Carol Keehan, DC, President/CEO 
       Catholic Health Association, Washington, DC

"Kevin Groves takes a fresh, evidence-based approach to addressing the myriad talent management challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations. Winning Strategies is a must read for healthcare decision makers who are looking for new thinking and more effective strategies to bolster their organization’s talent development and succession management capabilities and grow their leadership pipeline."
    Gary Burnison, Chief Executive Officer, 
        Korn Ferry

"Overall Winning Strategies is a very impressive piece of work. Dr. Groves has certainly provided useful breadth and depth on the topic and I believe it will be successful. I strongly endorse the concept regarding the value of continuity of leadership within an organization and the association that continuity has with success of the organization over time. Just as in medicine itself, increasingly, people come to healthcare leadership positions from various specialized backgrounds (marketing, finance, etc.); as a result, leaders in healthcare today do not have the benefit of having as broad of an experiential background as was once the case when things weren’t as specialized. That makes consciously working on talent development even more important today."
     Thomas M. Priselac, President/CEO 
          Cedars-Sinai Health System, Los Angeles, CA

"Every board member and CEO of a hospital or healthcare system should read this important and timely book. Dr. Groves argues persuasively that our industry is far behind most others in developing leaders for today and tomorrow. He provides compelling evidence for why this failure poses grave risks for everyone engaged in organizing and delivering healthcare. He offers enlightening case studies to illustrate how leading healthcare systems prepare young leaders and successfully plan for succession in critical executive positions. Finally, he offers an evidence-based approach to assessing an organization’s Talent Management Capabilities(TMC), developed both through his own research and a wide range of engagements with healthcare and non-healthcare leaders alike. Whether or not you have a leadership development or succession planning process in place, you will benefit from the insights that Dr. Groves provides. His clear writing and thoughtful suggestions can help us all make our organizations stronger."
        David M. Lawrence, MD, Chairman and CEO (retired)
            Kaiser Foundation Health Plan & Hospitals, Oakland, CA

"Winning Strategies is a must read for healthcare leaders doing combat in today’s war for talent. Kevin Groves offers a compelling, evidence-based case for investing in leadership talent that all healthcare leaders should embrace. Founded in best practice, Groves’ work offers practical, actionable advice and tools for building an organization’s talent management and succession planning capabilities. Winning Strategies should be on the reading list of all health and human resources practitioners."
        Debra Canales, Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer 
          Providence St. Joseph Health, Renton, WA 

"In Winning Strategies, Dr. Groves has provided the field with the most comprehensive and evidence-based guide to healthcare talent management to date. His case-study organizations, which include several winners of NCHL’s prestigious Best Organizations for Leadership Development award, provide highly practical perspectives on how to get talent management done effectively and at scale. I expect his work to become foundational to the field in the years to come."
     Andrew Garman, PsyD, MS
CEO--National Center for Healthcare Leadership
          & Professor of Health Systems Management, Rush University, Chicago, IL

"Dr. Groves provides healthcare leaders and human resources professionals with an insightful path to the development of our next generation of leaders. He offers a blend of evidenced-based theory with practical steps to guide practitioners in developing succession and leadership development programs for their own organizations. The case studies from such organizations as the Cleveland Clinic, HCA, Sutter, and Kaiser illustrate both the challenge and complexity in designing, implementing, and sustaining leadership development in complex healthcare organizations. Dr. Groves aptly illustrates that we have no choice. Future success in the healthcare marketplace demands the development of leadership talent and Winning Strategies is the right approach to accomplish this."
     Matthew McElrath, EdD, Chief Human Resources Officer 
          Keck Medicine of USC, Los Angeles, CA

"Every now and then a book is published that resonates with its readers in a way and at a level that sets it apart. Dr. Groves, in his timely and well-written book Winning Strategies, masterfully combines rigorous research and real-life best practice approaches to talent management and succession planning by several leading health systems. The result is a book that both frames an important challenge facing our industry and provides inspiration and pragmatic tools for those looking to provide solutions in their own settings. It is a book and a message whose impact will be felt for years to come."
       Jack R. Schlosser, Managing Director 
          Spencer Stuart, Los Angeles, CA

"Succession planning has taken on an ever more important role in identifying the next generation of healthcare leaders. Dr. Kevin Groves has assembled a remarkable resource that melds his own research with healthcare industry best practices to help both experienced leaders as well as students and early careerists better understand this often-overlooked aspect of leadership."
        Dan Borton, FACHE, Corporate Director, Leadership Development 
          McLaren Health Care, Flint, MI

"For healthcare C-suite leaders, CHROs, and talent development executives, Dr. Groves has provided us a compelling business case to leverage delivery on strategic goals with a robust talent leadership program. He provides substantial, well-researched evidence of successful health systems and how their strategies on leadership continuity and development drive success in the business and mission of healthcare. For CHROs, it is far more than preaching to the converted as Dr. Groves provides a blueprint to assess your own organization and develop a strategy. To board members and CEOs, Groves articulates clearly how this is an imperative for hospitals and health systems. Indeed it’s not only a strategic and operational imperative, but failing to do this well is a significant competitive disadvantage in the marketplace for healthcare talent."
          Mike Helm, Former Chief Human Resources Officer (retired)
            Sutter Health, Sacramento, CA

"Dr. Groves has contributed a paramount piece of work to the talent management community. In addition to highlighting some best-in-class leadership programs, the TMC assessment provides a good framework for HR leaders to assist in critical talent discussions."
         Jim Dunn, PhD, DHA, DAST, Executive Vice President & Chief Talent Officer
           Parkland Health & Hospital System, Dallas, TX

"I enjoyed Winning Strategies very much and from a CEO’s perspective I think it hit the spot for an executive level read as well as provides the “how to” component for an organization to incorporate a winning formula for talent management. The case studies were well done and interesting; the perfect match up of process, priorities, and (most important for me) results. The book is timely based on the accelerated pace of change in healthcare and the ever-present debate regarding policy. Get this book published immediately, the industry needs this!"
         John Figueroa, Chief Executive Officer, 
               Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company, Tukwila, WA

"Winning Strategies is groundbreaking in both its content and insights. While much has been discussed and debated on these topics, no one has more carefully researched these subjects over the last decade than Kevin Groves, PhD. This will be an important resource for leaders responsible for developing talent and building our next generation of leaders."
          James W. Gauss, Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Board Services
            Witt/Kieffer, Irvine, CA


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Product Details

Title: Winning Strategies: Building a Sustainable Leadership Pipeline through Talent Management & Succession Planning
Author: Kevin S. Groves, PhD 

Format: Paperback - This book is not available in hardcover.
Publisher: Second River Healthcare
Pub. Date: May 2017
Pages: 211
Printing: 1st
Language: English
ISBN: 9781936406418
Product Dimensions: 9" x 6" x .5"

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