About Us

Welcome to Second River Healthcare
An Award-Winning Healthcare Leadership Publishing Company

Our Mission:

Since 2003, our mission has been to publish and provide thought-forward, Healthcare Leadership Books with the goal of improving non-clinical healthcare. 

Quantity Discounts:

Most titles have a quantity discount schedule, which starts at only 11 books! We feel it is important to give Healthcare Organizations the ability to purchase quantities while keeping our prices as low as possible. We warehouse our own books, so there are no third-party expenses.


Our books will do more than just look good on your bookshelf.  You will find them constantly gravitating to that prominent spot on your desk…always within easy reach and ready to give you those answers you are looking for.  You will feel like a conversation with an expert is just a page turn away and you will want to revisit them time and again.    

We always love to hear your feedback and hope that you will take a moment to contact us and let us know your thoughts.  

We know that the idea of publishing books is certainly not new…but we feel that the ideas in the books we publish unquestionably are.  We are excited about the future of healthcare in all of its many forms and look forward to providing you with the best of service in the years to come.