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The Quality Playbook and the companion Workbook are about creating great clinical outcomes and safer care for patients, families, and communities; creating healthcare organizations that rank at the top of the nation’s rating lists; and doing what most organizations have been unable to do: deliver top quality at an affordable cost—true healthcare value. If one is embarking on a new quality program or wanting to improve one’s quality program, this Playbook will help in both situations.

The Playbook has been divided into five parts that will guide the reader through the construction of a solid, effective, quality and safety program.
In part one, “Winning the Playoffs,” one will discover what’s possible when putting an effective program in place. The Playbook will review what it takes to become a 100 Top Hospital, how outcomes are now connected to an organization’s financial survival, and how quality can provide a competitive advantage and grow market share.
Part two, “Your Game Plan,” covers what to put in a quality plan, how to focus one’s efforts, and how to use techniques from finance colleagues to drive change and accountability.
In part three, “Your Winning Team,” the Playbook covers the nitty-gritty of the people side of the equation. Topics include everything from assembling a “kitchen cabinet” to building an effective physician infrastructure.
Next, in part four, the Playbook moves into “Your Tools, Tactics, and Plays.” It contains the most important tools and strategies to use in a quality and safety program, proven methods honed by the author in his twenty-plus years in quality.
In part five, the Playbook wraps up with “The Front Office and Owners (The Board).” The Playbook reviews how to mobilize the board and the C-suite—two groups that can add a lot of momentum to a program. Support and active participation by these groups is a key element of success in almost every high-performing program.

The Quality Playbook and its companion Workbook are designed to be as user-friendly as possible and cover a lot of critical subjects; every chapter is loaded with practical advice.

The Quality Playbook will help you improve or build a quality program. One that dramatically improves care for patients!

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About The Author

John Byrnes is widely recognized for his expertise in quality and patient safety.

John has over twenty years of experience leading, designing, and implementing quality and safety programs throughout the United States and Europe. During his recent tenure as chief quality officer at Spectrum Health, the organization received over one hundred quality awards, was ranked three times as one of the nation’s 15 Top Health Systems, and received multiple 100 Top Hospital designations.

John currently serves on the national faculty for the American Association for Physician Leaders (formerly ACPE) and their board’s Faculty Advisory Council. He is also on the National Board of Directors for the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and has served on board quality committees for large hospital systems, multi-specialty medical groups, integrated healthcare systems, and health plans.

He has authored more than thirty articles in major journals and contributed to eight books. He writes and teaches extensively on quality, safety, and a variety of contemporary healthcare topics including the board’s role in quality, population health management, bundled payment, clinical integration, physician engagement, high reliability design, and patient safety.

John has served as a guest lecturer at the Haas School of Business and the School of Public Health of UC Berkeley, the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, the University of Michigan School of Public Health, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Emory University School of Medicine among others. He also serves as Clinical Associate Professor at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine.

He received his medical degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He completed an internship in internal medicine and residency in anesthesiology at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston, The Texas Heart Institute, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Memorial Hermann Health System.

John lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and his wife Lori have two daughters and enjoy raising alpacas on their Michigan farm.

To learn more about Dr. Byrnes and bringing him into your organization, please visit his Speaker Page

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"The workbook is an incredible guide to superior organizational performance! Thank you for outlining the road-map to quality, and for giving us a plan for achieving competitive advantage. Your work should be among the most highly recommended "must reads" for any healthcare leader."
David Sinclair, MD, MBA, Interim, Chief Patient Safety & Quality Officer,  University of Miami Health System

"The quality and safety agendas are important in today's healthcare environment—hopefully that goes without saying. But without practical "street smart" guidance, achieving better quality and increased safety can become overwhelming or be like a mirage. In his book, The Quality Playbook, Dr. Byrnes has created the best set of recommendations I have seen to make safe, high-quality and efficient healthcare a reality for your organization. It is practical, easy to read, and, perhaps most importantly, easy to implement."
Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, President and CEO, Healthcare Financial Management Association

"After devouring this immensely readable and irresistible book, I totally believe the author, John Byrnes, MD's promise that following the steps in The Quality Playbook and its companion workbook can take any hospital, regardless of size or location into the 100 Top Hospitals within a year—which he has demonstrated many times as a highly successful healthcare quality expert and consultant. All the answers one needs from start to finish are right here. Once any CEO reads this book, I expect that he or she will want to order one for everyone in the organization who must be involved in delivering superior clinical safety and quality for patients."
Fred Lee, Healthcare Speaker & Author of If Disney Ran Your Hospital

"I am breathless after finishing this book! I guarantee it contains it all—and in a very readable format. I doubt the quality world has a more complete volume on the topic. Written with some humor and many, many specifics, The Quality Playbook is a must read for anyone who has any responsibility for patient safety and quality. I suspect this book will become the new "checklist." Gotta have it."
Carson F. Dye, FACHE, President & CEO, Exceptional Leadership, LLC

"The Quality Playbook is filled with inspiration, insight, and practical applications for improving the status quo from an accomplished physician leader. I highly recommend this book to anyone passionate about improvement from the front lines to the boardroom. I loved reading this book—particularly John's insight on how to link quality improvement to financial metrics, and how to work collaboratively with physicians."
Barry Silbaugh, MD, MS, Former CEO of the American College of Physician Executives (now American Association for Physician Leadership)

"The Quality Playbook should be on any quality leader’s bookshelf. It provides practical, action-oriented guidance, from the boardroom to the bedside."
Sam R. Watson, MSA, CPPS, Senior Vice President, Patient Safety and Quality, Michigan Health & Hospital Association

"Becoming an expert in Medical Quality is a really 3-step process. First you need to know the basics of performance improvement, next you have to learn the strategic connections and implications, and then, finally, you need a guide to help you pull it all together into an operational plan. The Quality Playbook is a great book for that last step. Find a mentor, and then think about everything John Byrnes has to say to make it all happen at your hospital or clinic."
Edward A. Walker, MD, MHA, Professor Emeritus, Departments of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Health Services, University of Washington, Seattle

"The Quality Playbook is a must read for any board member, C-suite member, practitioner, or associate that wants to improve the quality of care in their role. No matter where you are in your journey of continuous quality improvement, this book and workbook provide the essential how-to steps, for successful implementation.
These pearls of wisdom serve as new knowledge, reminders, and a-ha moments for success. As a healthcare leader, practitioner, or colleague dedicated to quality, this book should be your most frequent reference for teaching, coaching, and implementing your program."
Jennie D. Dulac, Chief Quality Officer, SCL Health

"Dr. John Byrnes is a dynamic and passionate speaker on quality improvement and that is translated into his recent book. The Quality Playbook is concise and provides the reader an understandable road map that leads to error-free care. It is an informative and enjoyable read for senior healthcare executives and providers alike in their quest for great clinical outcomes."
Lee Hammerling, MD, Chief Physician Executive, ProMedica Health System

"In The Quality Playbook, John Byrnes has put together an excellent and concise description of how to both develop and improve a strong quality program in virtually any healthcare system. John’s years of experience provide simple, practical tactics, methods, and references for anyone in healthcare to learn from, and to continuously use as a reference for your quality and safety work. A great read."
Tom Peterson, MD, FAAP, VP & Chief Safety Officer, SCL Health

"The Quality Playbook provides guidance at every step to develop and successfully execute the quality improvement plan. John Byrnes, MD, focuses on fundamentals that are keys to success; they are based upon John’s years of experience in the field and teaching these concepts to healthcare leaders."
Vinod K. Sahney, PhD, Senior Fellow, Institute for Health Care Improvement

"Dr. John Byrnes’ book, The Quality Playbook, and accompanying workbook are a must read for all healthcare professionals who are involved in Quality/Safety Improvement. John has distilled 20 plus years of experience in healthcare quality improvement into an easy to read, yet comprehensive step-by-step plan to improve quality and safety in the healthcare environment. I only wish I had this reference 15 years ago when I was responsible for quality in a healthcare system."
Lowell Bursch, MD, FACS, Corporate Medical Director, Lacks Enterprises Inc., Past Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Spectrum Health System

"Dr. John Byrnes has created a classic resource for beginner and expert alike. This personal distillation of a successful career in safety and quality makes the complex and often daunting tasks for developing quality programs understandable and achievable. The workbook is especially helpful in transitioning the reader from passive to active learning. When combined, these highly readable guides provide the clear case for quality, and the tools and path for sustainable program development. This is a good read and a great help from one of the leaders in this field."
Patrick J. Quinlan, MD, CEO-Ochsner International, CEO Emeritus-Ochsner Health System

"An epiphany moment was reached 15 years ago in healthcare—we needed to focus more on quality and safety in patient care. Since then, we have all struggled with how to actually make that happen. John Byrnes now brings us an exceptional “boots on the ground” resource book that provides a superb distillation of systems theory into the practical realities of changing delivery systems in quality and safety. The step-by-step approaches are invaluable and provide truly superb advice on how to implement value-oriented strategies and tactics. This is a revolutionary book for all who want to improve patient care in their health system."
Peter Angood, MD, FRCS(C), FACS, MCCM, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Association for Physician Leadership®

"The Quality Playbook provides clear and practical insights from one of the most accomplished leaders in quality. This is a must-read book for every healthcare organization leader—CEO, CMO, CQO, CNO, CFO, department chair, clinical manager, medical director, and board member—that cares about our population's health and developing a roadmap to optimizing patient outcomes and safety."
Scott B. Ransom, DO, MBA, MPH, FACHE, FACPE, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company

"As the cover of The Quality Playbook shows, this book is about the blocking and tackling of healthcare quality. It describes the necessary relationships and responsibilities of stakeholders in your organization from the governing board to frontline staff. I know of no other resource that describes in detail a quality department’s functions, staffing, and competencies as well as this one does. If you are already well into your organizations quality journey or just getting started, this book will be an essential ingredient to your success."
Robert James Dean, Jr., DO, MBA, Vice President of Performance Solutions, VHA Inc.

"In typical fashion, Dr. Byrnes has taken a very complex and important process and created a detailed pathway to success. He incorporates not only the technical aspects of program development, but the human aspects as well, demonstrating an awareness that quality is about capturing hearts as much as capturing minds." 
Bruce Hagen, President, OhioHealth Marion General Hospital

"Read this book. Dr. John Byrnes’ new book is full of practical advice, resources, and action plans included as easy-to-use workbook exercises. John is right on the theory and right on the practice. The book should be on the shelf of every leader who is applying safety science and high reliability organizing."
Craig Clapper, PE, CMQ/OE, Founding Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer, Healthcare Performance Improvement

"Dr. John Byrnes is one of the more innovative thought leaders in quality improvement in the country. His book, The Quality Playbook, is well-written, includes “actionable” information, and has many ideas with the potential to significantly improve healthcare."
Scott Weingarten, President & CEO, Zynx

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Product Details

Title: The Quality Playbook: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders and The Quality Playbook Workbook: A Resource to Create Your Quality Plan
Author: John Byrnes, MD

Format: Paperback only
Publisher: Second River Healthcare
Pub. Date: November 2015
Pages: Book: 333  Workbook: 160
Edition Number: 1st
Language: English
ISBN for the 2-book set: 9781936406364
Product Dimensions: Book: 8.5" x 5.5" x 1.25" and Workbook: 8.5" x 11" x .5"

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